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v7 Change Log


  • B - Bug
  • I - Improvement of existing functionality
  • E - Extended/New Functionality

Version 7.7

Version (2024-2-7)

  • X64 version, the more precise numbers are used and the more accurate in CCAM data.

Version 7.6

Version (2021-12-31)

  • E 5314 Insert arbitrary values inside the list of show grid
  • B 5225 Script task "Get bounding polygon" with envelope generates boundary for one area
  • E 5136 Extend "get bounding polygon" script task to optionally make bounding box polygon
  • E 5145 Extend "get bounding polygon" script task to make calculations on polygons with arcs
  • E 5050 Sorting of sublayouts in export
  • E 5045 Allow simple rectangles as scanner fields
  • E 5006 Additional swap/switch button in GMC->"Size" tab
  • E 4862 DXF import problem: after importing into CCAM several layers merged together
  • E 4824 Extend scanners generator to take several layers as data source
  • E 4774 Add support for origin point (UCS) in dxf import
  • E 4727 Set colors for layers in DXF export
  • E 4716 Update for export jobs and files
  • E 4685 Drawing in CCAM: could not snap to the coordinate in the same object
  • E 4641 Add compare for layers using regex patterns
  • E 4638 Add possibility to change circle/rectangle to flash/instance from GUI when active tool/layout changes
  • E 4632 Add possibility to change sublayout type from GUI when active tool/layout changes
  • E 4631 Processing speed: Laser fill of many objects with the same shape.
  • E 4618 Add number of pads and size information for GMC shapes in properties
  • E 4616 Add size information in preview window for tools/library items
  • E 4608 Add validation in CCAMTranslator to check correctness of symbol pairs %1.. in translated text
  • E 4607 Extended commands can not be read if they are grouped under one '%' pair in gerberX import
  • E 4593 Release: v7.6 change log collection
  • E 4580 Append path length (for more than one paths) to properties
  • E 4466 Need to add predefined shapes in GMC
  • E 4550 Special generation of scanners
  • E 4549 Add script command "Create text"
  • E 4526 Improve DXF export for rounded paths and rectangles
  • E 4488 Use script to generate sequence numbers
  • E 4518 Add script command scale
  • E 4519 Remove interactive flag from oversize script command
  • E 3987 A file with new format instead of the BMP files created by script
  • E 4309 Add script task to get list of layers
  • E 4322 Add filter for layouts
  • E 3689 Footprint import from modified (with footprint geometry) Gerber file
  • E 3688 Footprint library items import using Pick&Place file and modified Gerber file
  • E 3687 Extend Pick & Place import to set properties
  • E 3660 The function of automatically creating modified shapes of stencil data

Version 7.5

Version (2021-11-23)

  • E 4273 create data matrix of incremental serial number in array
  • E 4235 Show the holes' quantity before or after importing the drill data
  • E 3227 Add pitch into data matrices dialogs
  • E 3236 Extend step repeat with possibility to set arrangement style
  • E 3240 Use same technique for handling of external images.
  • E 3241 Use 2 images for scripts visualization - normal and small
  • E 3258 Add step repeat script command
  • E 3636 Standard Package Library creation
  • E 3781 chop up shapes with angled gaps.
  • E 3782 chopping up or extending shapes by entering distance between shapes.
  • E 3091 S&S: heating line not in the middle
  • E 4071 Modify the copyright in help-> about CircuitCAM
  • E 3675 Calculate pitch between layout instances in Analysis/Pitch of two pads...
  • E 3767 Add trimming by field in pick and place template (PPO)
  • E 3615 deal with ellipse in DXF
  • E 3635 Get values of properties "Body Size" and "Pin Area" from geometry
  • E 3607 optimize process direction of 2 tool paths.
  • E 3582 Add option of grouping selected objects in layout objects view
  • E 3588 Layouts view should be visible when library file editing is started from libraries view.
  • E 3600 Add option to center anchor position when set from 'Set Anchor'
  • E 3580 Add transformation in pick and place template
  • E 3575 Add filtering by field in pick and place template
  • I 3548 Improve Modify/move into instance command to handle instance rotations
  • E 3549 Enable editing of names/types/categories of layouts in properties view
  • E 3559 Update/extend pick&place import
  • I 3491 improve Pathsgenerator_exe script
  • E 3520 Add script task to calculate bounding polygon (convex-hull)
  • E 3080 S&S: heating line has too many points
  • E 3083 Export into large bitmap for polygon scanner
  • E 3431 Use same color for scanner and scanner objects levels in LMD import
  • E 3432 Extend scripts engine with string decomposition looping
  • E 3450 Add command "Insert Copy" into layers context menu
  • E 3262 add settings in template synchronize
  • E 3273 Scripts: extend "Synchronization" mechanism with possibility to check previously created parameters.
  • E 3345 GMC library compare/exchange should start from components/shapes with the biggest number of pads/pins
  • E 3385 new shape ("arrow") modification
  • E 3386 move shapes by space setting
  • E 3409 Scripts: support of hatching modes for Stencil script
  • I 3388 library recognization should from components with more pads.
  • E 3220 Review/extend deletion of empty objects
  • E 3225 New script command "Get length"
  • B 3140 Fix of invalid closed curves is not working when polygon cutouts exist
  • E 1111 match chips by silk layer data for 4 symmetrical pads

Version 7.5.1 2504 (2017-06-28)

  • E 4880 New "USB Microscope" / Camera view
  • E 6929 New tabular view to list CAM objects on a layer
  • E 6198 NC-Mode: Automatic Start and Stop of the Spindle Motor
  • E 6045 New NC++ Server for DCT DM300B machine with DMC1410 controller
  • E 6843 Extend scaling functionality with different scaling factors for x and y
  • E general enhancement of String & Stripping functionality

Version 7.5.0 2501 (2017-03-22)

More than 100 smaller improvements and bug fixes. Main new functionality compared to version 7.3

  • Many functions that had only been available for the Laser variant are made now also available for the Basic variant, see Variants for detail.
  • E 6893,6728 NC-Mode: Special support for drilling PCB alignment holes
  • E 6885 NC: move head to exact positions of selected objects by mouse
  • E significant improvement for importing Gerber-X files with Layer Polarity Dark/Clear commands (LPC/LPD)
  • E 5764 Creation of QR-code
  • E 6831,6834 Import SubLayout instances supporting further formats (Pick&Place)
  • E 6739 Step and repeat script with specified angle
  • E 6875 Support of background layout that is displaced behind the actual (foreground) layout
  • E general enhancement of String & Stripping functionality

Version 7.4

Main new functionality compared to version 7.3

  • Direct control of DCT milling & drilling machine DM300B out of CircuitCAM
  • Configurable import of pick&place files
  • Display of images taken by a camera in the background of CAM data
  • New fast CenterPath algorithm, e.g. to calculate an optimal toolpath in narrow places
  • Complete new Striping & Stripping approach for Laser ablation

Version 7.4.0 (2015-06 pre-release for special customers only)

Version 7.4.1 2326 (2016-06-07 main release)

More than 200 bugs got fixed and many new improvements are implement.

  • E 6389 New Interprocess Communication interface (DLL) to trigger the import of images or executing of scripts
  • E 6391 Extended scripting language to be able to send out an Interprocess Communication messages (DDE)
  • I 6457 Keyboard shortcut for scripts
  • I 6589 Allow running of all job types (not olny scripts) from menu
  • I 6502 Version or timestamp for scripts 2015-10-29 7.4.0
  • I 6299 Extend scripting language to create new paths (in addition to polygons)
  • I 6372 Extend GMC to edit a single Flash(ConfigItem)
  • I 6376 Extend GMC to edit a single configItem
  • I 6548 Extend predefined shapes list in GMC
  • I 6412 Display modified shapes only after compare.
  • I 6430 Change shapes by 2 predefined shapes
  • I 6487 Improve arrangement of tabs GMC
  • I 6488 display target sizes in GMC
  • I 6627 Change parameters definition for predefined shape
  • I 6467 Added "cancel" button for GMC library recognition
  • I 6549 Orientation and combination buttons in GMC predefined shape page
  • I 6564 GMC predefined shapes. Every shape will remember its own X and Y parameters values
  • I 6491 GMC library recognition: statistics needed
  • I 6437 Add read-only property for library files
  • I 6490 Add "Cancel" button for footprints library recognition
  • I 6068 New function "Move into Instance": to move selected objects into layout of selected instance
  • I 6227 Insert Text dialogue: Display size of text to be inserted
  • I 6369 New Paste option "Add as renamed (all)"
  • I 6377 Be able to specify origin of new Layout for "Convert to Instance"; "centre of bounding box" or "anchor point"
  • I 6455 General Settings option to close "Set Cursor" dialogue after return
  • I 6618 SetCursor dialog box: "Enter" to enter X coordinate
  • I 6453, 2749 Numerical expression for entering coordinates and other numbers
  • I 6454 De-select all objects after "set zero point"
  • I 6489 Improve selection of single objects with many others around
  • I 6511 Cutout gets selected together with objects inside cutout hole when area selection is used
  • I 6622 Edit-Sel Tool Edit: shortcut for editing selected tool
  • B 6624 Insert text: several Chinese symbols are displayed incorrectly
  • B 6649 Edit-Sel Size modifications: incorrect result after scaling
  • I 6659 Add shortcuts for selection of first and last marker
  • I 6652 Extended paste functionality with auto rename
  • I 6365 Display summary of exported paths
  • I 6603 Progress bar for export job
  • I 6625 Show summary when export job finishes without warnings and/or errors or with warnings only
  • I 6364 Selective template synchronize for layers, tools & jobs
  • I 6486 GUI after "step and repeat", keep display window rather than change to overview
  • I 6532 Move language selection in general settings to "GUI"
  • I 6571 List currently opened CAM documents
  • I 6695 Ensure that new created layers have different color as exisiting ones
  • I 6477 polygon displayed without cutout
  • I 6736 Pick&Place: Automatic generation of sub-layout instance name if not specified
  • I 6520 Extend Compare Shape for mirrored shapes
  • I 6449 Geometric difference with more than 2 shapes as minuend
  • I 6610 Change default directory for "Open", "Save as..."
  • I 6612 Add filter "*.*" in "Save As..." dialog box

Version 7.3

Main new functionality compared to version 7.2

  • Floating licenses during maintenance
  • Complete rework of the NC++ protocol (derivate of I++DME) for improved NC functionality and performance
  • Selection of graphical objects at any point
  • Stepped SMT stencils (areas of an SMT stencil with different thickness)

Version 7.3.3 2326 (2015-02-05, maintenance release)

  • B6362 GerberX, issue on AM with mathematical expression
  • I6367 Negative value is not accepted in "Step and Repeat"
  • I6356 Extend SMT Stencil script for "Hatch pad"
  • I6349 Improvements for run, edit and make derived script
  • B6357 Issue with SMT stencil calculation

Version 7.3.2 2324 (2015-01-19, maintenance release)

  • B 6341 Off-line registration
  • I 6331 Minimize initial start-up time for floating licenses and slow Internet connection

Version 7.3.1 2319 (2014-12-16, maintenance release)

Minor maintenance release, fixing import and selection issues. New functionality:

  • I 6205 ability to specify any script on the command line to be executed when CircuitCAM is started for some other files with the  new "/script nnn" parameter where "nnn" is the name of the script. So far always the "default" script had been used (if available).
  • I 6327 pasting of coordinates into the Set Cursor window is now more flexible. Now several coordinates can pasted as one action, e.g. to draw a path with several points.

Version 7.3.0 2316 (2014-11-01)


  • I 6098 Default insulate scripts: destination layers are always cleared
  • I 6215 Special Insulation channel
  • I 6101 New script command "Sort path"
  • B 6120 Insulate error, Independent Oversize, DRC

SMT Stencil:

  • E 6241 Support for Stepped Stencils
  • I 6253 stencil cutting line should be calculated into different layers with different laser tools
  • B 6273 cutting line distorted in stick in position
  • I 6271 When switching to GMC turn on polygon selection in selection filters.
  • B 6272 GMC program crashes when user clicks flip buttons and selects already selected shape
  • B 6199 Not working "GMC exchange" function from main menu library submenu

General Scripts commands:

  • E 6197 New script for Contour Routing
  • I 6203 PpShift function for PATH
  • I 6260 Destination layers generated by script
  • B 6270 Script task oversize not working when interactive property is set
  • I 6279 Interactive script processing slower than background processing
  • I 6291 Allow compatibility of int and real type parameters in "set parameter" and "change parameter" tasks
  • I 6295 Run script to save actual script with parameters as "previous" script
  • I 5354 New script cmd ExtendPathToNearestObject
  • I 5744 Graphical parameter explanation I
  • I 6094 New "group" script command


  • I 6224 Layers in default CAT files should all be visible and selectable
  • Updated Help


  • I 6257 Show paths without aperture/tool but different direct diameter separately in "NC view/tools list"
  • E 6172 XML NC++ Server Object Model file for generic description of machine capabilities
  • E 6179 XML NC Client Settings file to store NC parameter values for the specific combination of tool, material and production phase
  • I 6161 Separate maximum movement areas from working area
  • E 6045 Direct control of the milling/drilling machine DM300 from DCT-China out of CircuitCAM
  • I 6198 Start/Stop button for Spindle Motor
  • B 6151 CCAM crashes when user double clicks on a row in tools list in NC view


  • I 4857 Indicating new aperture list and layers in import dlg box
  • B 6110 DXF import: incorrect arcs
  • B 6268 Settings from default configurations were not used during import


  • I 5506 Miss Tool Diameter in Log for " Create new aperture/tool list"
  • B 6122 G-code: circles exported as lines
  • B 6165 Incorrect result with non-overlapping scanners
  • B 6166  Conflict between "Tool path overlap" and "Scanner overlap"
  • B 6261 GerberX export problem for default configuration
  • B 6262 LMD export downward compatibility issues
  • B 6269 Gerber export issue in special cases.

Editing and Selection:

  • B 6266 Wrong perimeter in polygon properties
  • I 6292 Add menu item "save as template" to save current document as template file.
  • B 6267 Select sequence, after Select Next (or Select Previous) status bar shows nothing selected
  • I 6294 Avoid cutting paths that fit into a scanner field
  • B 6219 "Plus selection" and "Minus selection" toolbar buttons
  • B 5830 Rectangle rotation
  • I 5850 avoid Step and Repeat on the same position
  • I 6137 Size Modifications: Add "Remove holes" flag to support oversize for cutuots
  • I 6259 After "Duplicate Selected" function, the new created objects shall be selected instead of the original ones
  • B 6283 Undo not working in special cases
  • B 6107 Document is not marked as modified when document related setting were changed
  • B 6142 Data damaged during/after editing with a mouse
  • B 6103 Rectangles in flashes or instances are not shown correctly

Version 7.2

Main new funtionality compared to version 7.1

  • Laser Striping & Stripping in new variant "CircuitCAM LaserPlus"
  • NC-Mode to directly control NC-machines based on G-Code and HP-GL

Version 7.2.0 2214 (2014-03-28)


  • I #5536 Dragging viewable area in Preview without grid
  • I #5638 Panning with right mouse dragging
  • I #6037 Keyboards for Zoom-In/Out
  • B #5666 Invisible objects are not processed.
  • B #5743 Angle of Selected Objects
  • B #5634 With strong zoom-in CircuitCAM hangs
  • B #5658 Type of PolygonCutout in Properties and status bar
  • B #5779 Panning with a mouse not working when cursor grid is ON

Editing & Selecting:

  • E #5811 Single "marker selection" during measure and other creation/insertion mouse modes
  • I #5756 Backspace to remove last point in NEW mode
  • I #5750 Keyboard accelerator for "Set Zero Point"
  • I #5816 Rename "Draw to Flash" into "Optimize Pads"
  • I #5539 Rectangle edit through properties view
  • I #5523 Extend Synchronize to select CAT file
  • I #6087 Convert to polygon should not do union of objects.
  • I #6069 Details of selected instance in status bar
  • I #4852 Generic Library support
  • B #5654 Cut point/segment editing mode should not be allowed on cutout outline
  • B #5635 set anchor and set cursor incorrectly interprets numbers if units are used others than defaults
  • B #5657 Initially confusing meta-data in new CAM document
  • B #5659 Insert - Select inconsistencies, improve "Select inserted objects"
  • B #5733 Crash in Create Bounding Shape and Create Outline with non-empty destination layer
  • B #5525 Character spacing in Insert Text for TTF Barcode fonts
  • B #5601 Size of inserted text is not consistent using internal or true type fonts.
  • B #5782 GMC: Predefined Shapes
  • B #6059 GMC: data is not restored correctly.
  • B #6065 GMC: Compare by Bounding Box issue

Scripts and NC Data Generation:

  • E #6010 New Script: Contour routing for selected objects
  • E #6028 Tool compensation for polygon / cutouts, circle and rectangle
  • E #5352 Pre-defined Stencil job with "Distance to contour"
  • E #5872 Replace stack based Set Operations by new Boolean Operations
  • I #5866 Insulate: too short paths for big/bigger tool
  • I #5511 "Parameters" and comments in Run Script dialog
  • I #5515 Inherit parameter descriptions for derived jobs
  • I #5651 Issues on "Make Derived ...." and "Insert Copy" script
  • I #5684 Re-setting parameters of scripts/jobs to the default values
  • I #5820 Script dialogs for angle unit
  • I #5873 Laser Insulate: Remove "inner isolation" flag
  • I #6011 New script command "If Selected"
  • I #6025 Extend script task "Start external program" with parameters
  • I #5513 Different Icons for Job/Scripts and Script-commands/Tasks
  • B #5916 Stencil: lead-in path not connect with contour path
  • B #6006 Insulation issue with big tool
  • B #6008 Insulate issue
  • B #6026 Insulate: error when rubout and base material have same boundary
  • B #5734 Insulate scripts are disabled for Basic variant
  • B #5735 Do layer name check in dialogs where src and dst layers are entered and clear destination flag used
  • B #5905"Get Defaults" button in "Run Script" dialogue
  • B #5631 Laser_Fill error
  • B #5632 Descrption for Laser_Fill and laser_Insulate scripts
  • B #5644 Insulation errors of primary channel in narrow places
  • B #5737 Primary Roubout boundary channel cuts tracks


  • E PDF version of Help
  • I General re-structuring and improvements of Help System
  • I #5879 Restructuring of main Menu
  • I #6051 Help Window to not stay on top of CircuitCAM
  • I #5864 Make "All CircuitCAM Files (*.cam, *.cat, ...)" in Open CAM document dialogue
  • B #5867 Reset to defaults not working or not working correctly


  • E #5693 Default "AllVisible_xxx" export jobs
  • E #6057 Tool-path overlap with scanner support
  • I #5384 Warning when exporting with "*" on layer names
  • I #5695 Various Export issues
  • I #5697 Insulate and milling/drilling tools parameters
  • I #5752 Check M.N values for GerberX export
  • I #5758 Auto Origin/Alignment during Export
  • I #5823 S&S Laser scanner fields for export
  • I #5906 Export with default configuration
  • I #5909 Export task with scanner support should not export anything if no scanner fields are defined.
  • I #5915 Export task: Fiducial in the Phase list
  • I #5996 Postscript export for truncated/extended corner- and end-types
  • I #6005 No comment line in HP-GL export
  • B #5342 Export with scanners provides strange result
  • B #5494 Incorrect data after DXF export
  • B #5504 Error while Exporting PostScript
  • B #5505 Miss Error Message when Exporting into Write-Protected Directory
  • B #5544 Bounding rectangle not mirrored for PostScript export
  • B #5612 Postscript issue
  • B #5640 More PostScript export issues
  • B #5665 GerberX and Barco doesn't export rectangles
  • B #5762 Incorrect settings for predefined export LMD jobs
  • B #5771 Re-import of LMD results in redundant(additional) arc
  • B #5846 Missing empty scanner fields
  • B #5862 Export: "Layout instances" selected for Laser variant
  • B #5900 S&S: Incorrect assignment to scanner field for border lines
  • B #5901 S&S: miss data after export and re-import
  • B #6003 Tool-definition in LMD Export with phases


  • I #5861 Import GerberX with LPC/LPD commands in Basic and Viewer variant
  • B #5968 Can't control unit during DXF Import

Version 7.1

Main new functionality compared to version 7.0.1

  • New: G-Code export
  • Shape manipulations moved from Pro to Laser variant
  • Enhanced LMD, HP-GL, DXF, Excellon and Postscript export
  • Defaults in General Settings for creating new configurations (Tool Lists)
  • Enhanced Insulate, Laser and SMT-Stencil scripts

Version 7.1.2 2108 (2013-04-24, maintenance release)

  • Update of online Help in many places
  • #5440 In Quick Access renamed "Batch job" to "Script"
  • #5510 Spaces missing in Quick Access comments
  • #5458 Tool compensation crashes when used on path of number 6 shape
  • #5497 In some cases LMD Export is not enabled in menu
  • #5485 Renamed "Shape Manipulations" dialog to "Size Modification" like in GMC
  • #5442 Insert copy context menu command in jobs view not working
  • #5451 Invert selection not working correctly with cutouts
  • #5487 Paste dialogs have disabled overwrite and not overwrite buttons

Version 7.1.1 2105 (2013-03-05, maintenance release)

  • #5383 Fix bug on LMD export with Laser scanner support
  • #5391 Fix bug on LMD export with LMD Macros
  • #5346 Rename Batch-Jobs and -Tasks to Scripts and Script Commands
  • #5363 Update/fix layer mix-up in file
  • #5395 Switch horizontal/vertical in Base material dialog
  • #5422 Working size for G-Code tool configuration & export
  • #5416 Level objects order gets reversed when extraction of selected objects is done
  • #5396 Quick access window is empty when jobs have certain symbols in their names
  • #5426 GerberX export sets incorrect sizes for certain M:N values

Version 7.1.0 2103 (2013-02-01)

  • #4270 New: G-Code Export, used commands:
    • z-position for milling head up/down and drilling is stored in special G-Code configuration
    • global: G20/G21 for inch/mm, G90=absolute,
    • G64=continuous-path mode, G40=cutter compensation cancel
    • M6 Tnn for tool selection
    • G00, G01 for rapid (head up) and milling (head down) movements
    • G81, G89 to start and end drilling
  • #4769 Move to Codejock.ToolkitPro.MFC.v15.2.1 version
  • #4905 extend predefined SMT-Stencil job default "SMT Stencil" in file
    • x-y correction for oval Laser beam
    • backtrack distance at the end of a cutting path
    • separating lead-in holes from cutting paths
  • #4961 Middle line is not generated for certain polygon
  • #5144 Multiple channels for insulation with different tools
  • #5158 Job: "Source layer has no data"
  • #5240 Remove sub-string "Serial number" in activation dialog
  • #5241 SetWorkTool batch task not always correctly returns error
  • #5244 Incorrect error message while executing predefined insulate job
  • #5245 Asserts during executing predefined laser fill job
  • #5246 User cannot get rubout area fill lines without defined source layer while executing predefined insulate job.
  • #5248 Paste: Override or change or all?
  • #5250 Function "Shape manipulations" crash with unequal absolute x-y values
  • #5251 Shall function "Shape manipulations" be part of the Laser variant?
  • #5261 Show message batch job task
  • #5262 Missing HP-GL Export error message if no tool is defined
  • #5263 Excellon Export is not using the settings in configuration
  • #5264 Rectangles are not rotated for arbitrary angles during export
  • #5265 During Excellon export do not omit repeating x/y values
  • #5266 During G-Code export do not omit repeating x/y values
  • #5267 Problem with mirrored black box in inverted PostScript
  • #5269 Strange shapes for circles in PostScript export
  • #5272 Check for same unit / coordinate format in Export tasks
  • #5273 Export Tasks: Display only suitable configurations in Tool list combo-box
  • #5282 LMD export jobs in file/export menu
  • #5283 Bad tools naming in GCode, Excellon, HP-GL exports
  • #5285 Tools are accumulated during Excellon export
  • #5289 Version numbers and installation of CircuitCAM 7
  • #5309 HasData batch job task returns true if level does not exist
  • #5325 Review DXF export defaults
  • #5326 Synchronize content of "Active aperture/tool list" toolbar combo-box with tools view
  • #5327 Extend "General Settings" to have default configurations
  • #5328 Repeated points during paths export to DXF
  • #5333 Not working file browse button in edit controls with file names when file name is empty.
  • #5334 General settings/document related pages have empty "save to template file" field
  • #5348 Arrangement of default View,  Preview below Quick Access on the right
  • #5349 Add possibility to focus main graphical window with a mouse by clicking status bar and similar controls
  • #5350 Drag window in Preview
  • #5351 Add Stencil Frame generator to "Insert" menu
  • #5353 Rename "" to ""
  • #5357 Single tool-path through narrow gaps with damage III
  • #5360 Indicating active window

Version 7.0.1

Main new functionality compared to version 7.0

  • Quick Access of Jobs through a new view with pictures and explanations
  • Improved managing of the order of tool-paths
  • Extended wildcard usage for layer and filenames names during export
  • PostScript export

Version 7.0.1 2024 (2012-10-24, maintenance release)

  • #5220 New GUI for PostScript export task
  • #5229 PostScript tool list/configuration properties update; needed for page size
  • #5235 Enlargement value when inverse is used in PostScript export
  • #5236 Extended handling of layer name in export job, Examples:
    • "*"          - all layers
    • "!" or "!*"    - all visible layers (same meaning as "-- All visible --".)
    • "!GerberTop" - exported only if GerberTop is visible
    • "Layer*"     - all layers starting with Layer
    • "*GBR"       - all layers ending with GBR
    • "Gerber*x"   - all layers starting with Gerber and ending with x (GerberTopx, GerberBottomx, etc.)
    • "!*GBR"      - all visible layers ending with GBR
  • #5237 Remember last used export job type in export job properties dialog

Version 7.0.1 2023 (2012-10-14, maintenance release)

  • #4905 Stencil predefined batch job
  • #5213 Asterisk symbol in export job file specification is not expanded when full path is specified
  • #5215 fix arcs for postscript export
  • #5217 Inform user about not created cutouts after import
  • #5221 Add PostScript export into export menu
  • #5112 Support of cutouts in postscript export

Version 7.0.1 2022 (2012-09-17)

  • #5242 Synchronize current document with default cat file.
  • #4964 Quick Access for Jobs.
  • #4700 new: Export PostScript
  • #0392 new: Swap/Move of a group of objects
  • #4972 Sequence selection update
  • #4975 Improve user interaction with selection filter, new keyboard accelerators
  • #5017 Switching between open views with Alt-F6 (in addition to Alt-F7 / Ctrl+TAB)
  • #5058 Update fill mode GUI element in export task properties dialog
  • #5062 Navigation keys in World View (if active): Home, page up, page down, left, right, up, down (arrows)
  • #5080 Improve (not)overwrite-all during copy/paste of any CAM data
  • #5111 fixed saving of Export job transform settings
  • #5147 improve uninstall of CircuitCAM

Version 7.0

Version 7.0.0 (2012-06), the first release of the new version 7