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CircuitCAM supports a wide variety of data formats. But even more important - the powerful user-interface is actively supporting this process by analysing the files to be imported, providing preview with the actual parameter settings. As needed user can easily change parameters till he get the desired results.

Topics covered in video tutorial 1:

  • CAM document and files, the native CicuitCAM format and it's properties
  • CAT files. These are CAM files used as template for new documents with predefined layers, tools and jobs
  • Importing a set of extended Gerber and Excellon files for the layout, board outline and drill holes

Topics covered in video tutorial 2:

  • Aperture template and tool lists
  • Importing simple Gerber and Excellon files with separate aperture template and tool lists
  • Format parameters absolute/relative, leading/trailing zeroes, decimal digits, ...
  • Aligning layers to each other : offset, rotation, mirroring

Video Tutorial 1


Video Tutorial 2