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Selecting graphical objects

Graphical objects can be selected in various ways, either to manipulate them, to gather information about them or to use them as input for various operations. CircuitCAM can deal with millions of graphical objects and so selecting the right ones can be a challenge. Because of this, a rich set of selection capabilities is provided:


  • Selected objects change their color. The selection color can be set in the layers view.
  • The status bar informs about details of a single selected object or otherwise on how many objects are selected.
  • At most one object is primary selected and associated with one or several markers, that can be used for detailed editing operations

Objects can be excluded from respectively enabled for selection by various ways (filter functions):

  • on a layer basis
  • on a type basis  (path, polygon, circle, rectangle, flash, instance)
  • an a size basis (objects must be equal, bigger or smaller than some value)

The grouping selection methods are:

  • select all
  • within a rectangle
  • on a specific layer
  • for a specific tool

The filter functions and grouping selection methods can be combined as needed. A group of selected objects can be extended by adding further ones or by removing some using the same methods as for the initial selection.