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SMT Stencils

The Geometric Manipulation Centre (GMC) is a group of toolbars and dialogues to analyse systematically all pads in a layout and to modify them as needed. The resulting modified pads are primarily used to establish a paste mask. To optimize the solderability of a PCB typically modifications of the solder paste mask are needed. In general the GMC can be used to make any kinds of mass modifications on graphic objects that are provided in patterns.Some New GMC Functionalities are as follow

  • One of the new functionality make editing of rotated objects much easier. With “Normalize” functionality objects can be rotated back to its original shape.
  • “Apply on MARK” button will not make compare on objects on “-Work” layer. It will only move objects from “_Mark” to “_Modified”.
  • Now after any GMC editing the UNDO will work correctly and restore previous state.“Apply” will make compare on “_Work” layer and will exchange matched objects with found ones.
  • With “Silk” information from Gerber data the results are correct.Without “Silk” information CCAM cannot decide which pairs of shapes are correct.

Video Tutorial 1