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Every graphical object is associated with a layer that provides additional characteristic.. The available layers with their
and their attributes are listed in the Layers View.

Each layer has a set of properties:

  • Name: specifies a unique name of the layer.
  • Visibility: displays or hides objects located on this layer
  • Order: defines the order of layer in current CAM document.
  • Selectable: makes objects located on this layer available for selection.
  • True Width: Specified, how to display paths, either in true width or centerline mode,  For layout copper it is typically best to use true width / filled, but for toolpathes better to go with centrelines only.
  • Outline: defines if to draw graphic objects such as polygon, rectangle and circle in outlined mode instead of filling them.
  • Color: specifies a color of the graphical object on a particular layer( two colors are assigned for each layer - color for flashed and color for all other objects).

The Layer View provides a way to view layers in compact way and to quickly modify properties.